1st Garmin Hybrid Race OAKA

5000 09 Jun 2021

Participation procedure

  1. Click on the "Register" button
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Click "Register"
  4. You will automatically be redirected to the Garmin Connect platform
  5. Log in to your Garmin account
  6. Accept data sharing
  7. Accept the Garmin Connect terms and conditions
  8. You will automatically be redirected to the Garmin Hybrid Race site and your registration is complete
  9. On the day you decide to run the course you should start a running activity in your Garmin watch with GPS enabled and after completing the 5km you will have to save your performance. The results will be automatically submitted to the results table when your watch is synchronized with Garmin Connect. You can participate in the race, following the above procedure, more than once during the allowed time period (June 9 to 27). The final results will have only your best performance.
  10. By clicking on the Results button, you can be informed about the current ranking.


Registrations for this race have been completed
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